CWF Motivational Post—April 28, 2020

When I launched into Christian writing last year with my first novel, I had no idea where the LORD was taking me, nor Satan’s efforts to discourage me. The verses listed today are “weapons of war,” spiritual war.” The words of the LORD found in these verses strengthen and encourage me when the adversary attacks. Just as the U.S. Army built physical toughness in me through years of rigorous training. Each verse listed will develop your mental and spiritual toughness, as you recite them in times of prayer and need. Be Blessed, Ready to Fight with God’s word, and stand firm Christ Jesus saving power.

CWF Motivational Post—April 27, 2020

Good morning and happy Monday. Life has a way of pointing you towards God, wither you are looking for him or not. Today’s verse is one of my favorites in all the Bible and has been encouraging for me lately. David found that his friends turned against him, he had lost his family. Yet, through it all, he found renewed strength in the LORD. David’s lesson serves me, and all of us well today. Sometimes you must encourage yourself in the power of the LORD.



CWF Motivational Post—April 26, 2020

Today’s verse challenges us to go beyond our self-interest and to view the world as Christ, seeking to help others. Jesus told the disciples in John 13:35 that by loving and caring for one another, the world would know them as his followers. Nothing has changed over the years. We are recognized by unbelievers and by Christ Jesus in how we relate to the world. Be blessed.

CWF Motivational Post—April 24, 2020

Good morning. Isn’t it always nice to find someone to share a tough task with you? Today’s verse reminds us that as believers, we are given access to the ultimate helper…the Holy Spirit. When we feel our prayers are weak, the Holy Spirit is there. If we feel lost searching for the LORD, the Holy Spirit guides us to him. Rest today in the peace and guidance the Holy Spirit offers and provides

The Mission Begins!

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