CWF Motivational Post—May 11, 2020

Good morning and Happy Monday. When things go wrong in life. If the road we’re journeying becomes rough, where do we or where should we turn for help. Today’s verses answer that question, the LORD. Psalm 121 is a fantastic chapter of scripture that boldly proclaims God’s unwavering providence over our lives. Never let your faith in God waiver. He is eternally faithful.

CWF Motivational Post—May 08, 2020

Good morning. Service and the servant’s heart are essential to the Christian life. Why? When we serve when we look for ways to aid others, wither they are deserving or not, we are reflecting Jesus to a lost world. Jesus came and served all who will ever live. He died for all of us when he did no wrong. Providing for others’ needs often means sacrificing a part of ourselves (time, money, material goods, etc…). Today’s verse reminds us serving in God’s economy leads to a return that is beyond comprehension.


CWF Motivational Post—May 06, 2020

Good morning. We were never meant to journey through life alone. While Jesus offers to carry our burdens, he also created all of us to be relational. Today’s verse reinforces the point that friendship is a gift from God. Reach out to someone today and blessed them with the simple and powerful gift of friendship.


CWF Motivational Post—May 05, 2020

Good morning. It can be hard to understand why hardship invades our lives. As a young believer, I know I thought that being a Christian would make life easier. The truth is the Bible does not promise carefree days; in fact, today’s verses highlight that troubles will come our way. The good news is God promises to work these difficulties to our benefit. The road may be rough at times, but never stop trusting God to see you to the end.

CWF Motivational Post—May 04, 2020

Good morning and Happy Monday. The Prophet Isaiah gave the people of Isreal and us something to think about in today’s verse. The enemies of God and his people can plan for our destruction and seek ways to ruin us, but God says these attacks won’t stand. What a great promise to hold close to you the next time fear comes knocking on your door.

CWF Motivational Post—May 02, 2020

Good morning. The burdens of life can, at times, have us feeling as if we’re living in chains. Jesus tells us in today’s motivational verse that we should cast our worries upon him and find rest. We were never created, nor meant to carry the heavy yoke of fear and stress, find rest in Jesus today.

CWF Motivational Post—May 1st, 2020

King Hezekiah provides an excellent example of how to pray in times of distress. He overcame his fear and brought the problem before the LORD. Hezekiah, in his prayer, offered praise to God for who he is, and most importantly, he left the problem at the throne of God. We can all model Hezekiah’s boldness when we face challenges. God stands ready to hear our heartfelt prayers and issues. Trust God with your problems today.

CWF Motivational Post—April 30, 2020

Today’s motivational post is a topic near and dear to my heart and the LORD’s, children. Today is the last day in April and the month recognizing military children and the unique lives they live as compared to their peers. I have three children, and over my 16-year career, they have spent countless days, months, and even years with me being gone to serve my nation. They are not perfect, but I am raising them first and foremost to love the LORD with all their heart, mind, and soul. To all the current and former military children, I salute you and thank you for your sacrifices on behalf of a grateful nation.


CWF Motivational Post—April 29, 2020

Today’s motivational verse explores why we should not fear the unknown. We should not allow ourselves to worry about things out of our control. Yes, we all do this, we all fall into the trap of fearing the “bad” that is coming for us. Yet, this verse tells us to trust the only one that has insight into the future, Christ Jesus. As hard as it is, I pray we all get better at giving God tomorrow and focusing on his promise to be there for us.