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Earning the Title: Becoming a Kingdom Man, Part II

(~ 8 min read) Good morning. Today, we will continue exploring what it means to earn the title of Kingdom Man in my series Earning the Title: Becoming a Kingdom Man.

Yesterday, we discovered during "day zero" that we need to establish a foundation that allows us to grow into God's purpose for our lives. We must eliminate behaviors and habits that prevent us from being all God calls us to be as men.

Today, we will identify the path forward and start walking toward being a Kingdom man.

Day 1 "Pathway to Transformation - The Walk" (Case Study: David)

David is the only person named in the Bible after God's heart, meaning David followed the Lord. A key to being a Kingdom man is a willingness to surrender your life for God's path and will for your life. David is a great man to study and will provide the critical attributes needed to become a Kingdom man.

The following are a few key takeaways from David's life that reflect character traits or "path" to become useful in God's kingdom.

1.) David loved the Lord (Read Psalms 119 and 1 Samuel): The first step to becoming a Kingdom man or for anyone desiring to live out the reason they exist is to love God. I know this would trigger many people in the modern world, and that's okay. The truth is all our hopes and desires are fulfilled by loving God.

2.) David was faithful: If men were faithfully committed to pleasing and living for God, think about the difference it would make. A kingdom man is unshakable in his faith in God, just as David walked and lived. David vs. Goliath is a clear example of immense faith. David trusted God for his career path despite repeated attempts on his life and having to live in exile for years. Kingdom men lean into trusting God when times get rough.

3.) David was repentant: While David had tremendous success in God, he also had spectacular failure. Here's the difference between myself and David and perhaps you: David acknowledged his failures (confessed) and then turned away from sinning against God (repented).

4.) David was honest and grateful: If you read the Psalms written by David, you will find him openly expressing his emotions to God while being thankful for provision. David danced, played a harp, and killed the enemies of God. He was not weak, nor are you, as a man for expressing your deepest thoughts to God no matter what the world says. Read Psalms 3, 18, 27,28, 43.

King David was an amazing man, even with all of his shortcomings. He exemplified all the qualities we should have as followers of Christ and as men desiring to earn the title Kingdom man.

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