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by Jocolby Phillips
A Christopher Barrett Thriller

Christopher, the leader of an elite U.S. special operations unit undertakes one of the most important missions of his military career, attempting to rescue a French journalist kidnapped by ISIS, while distracted with trusting God over himself. He is confused and angry with God and ineffective in his leadership, however, Jackson, the team-deputy and long-time mentor and friend provides much-needed stability for Christopher and the team.

The operation reinforces in Christopher that God was not to be trusted when needed most and Jackson leaves the mission searching for God and meaning to his life, as the men prepare to return to Washington D.C for debriefing. As Christopher and his team redeploy from the rescue mission back to Washington D.C., they find themselves out of work as the National Security Advisor deactivates the Christopher-led unit pending an investigation into the failed journalist rescue.

Things go from bad to worse for Christopher and Jackson as the two disgraced soldiers are thrust, unbeknownst to them, into the midst of the Rapture. They attempt to keep the chaos of a post-rapture world at bay, in a series of globetrotting missions, from rural Virginia to Brazil, ancient Babylon to remote Alaska. The actions of the president and others leave the world on the brink of World War. Christopher continues throughout each mission to trust himself above God. He refuses to listen to the Holy Spirit-inspired advice that those around him provide and the question lingers will he reconcile and surrender his pain to God.

Meet Major Christopher Barrett

Major Christopher Barrett is a soldier in the United States Army, and part of an elite, special-ops team called the Omega Group. He had long ago stopped trusting or believing in God. However, he can not shake the feeling that God is trying to get his attention over the career he loves so much. Christopher had desired, at several points and for various reasons, throughout his life, to establish a relationship with Him. However, Barrett carries deep emotional scars from a painful childhood - a childhood for which he blames God daily, making trust impossible in his mind. Major Barrett feels God was absent in his life when He was needed the most, so Barrett stopped looking for His presence. The Army, and special operations, in particular, provided him with a sense of reliability and trust in himself over any faith he might have in God.




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