The Characters


Meet Major Christopher Barrett

Major Christopher Barrett is a soldier in the United States Army, and part of an elite, special-ops team called the Omega Group. He had long ago stopped trusting or believing in God. However, he can not shake the feeling that God is trying to get his attention over the career he loves so much. Christopher had desired, at several points and for various reasons, throughout his life, to establish a relationship with Him. However, Barrett carries deep emotional scars from a painful childhood - a childhood for which he blames God daily, making trust impossible in his mind. Major Barrett feels God was absent in his life when He was needed the most, so Barrett stopped looking for His presence. The Army, and special operations, in particular, provided him with a sense of reliability and trust in himself over any faith he might have in God.


Meet Sergeant Major Jackson Williams

Sergeant Major Jackson Williams is the Team Sergeant for the Omega Group. He knows Christopher well as they served together for six years in the Legion. Jackson is like a big brother to Christopher, always looking out for him. Williams has a healthy curiosity about God, as he had never been exposed to anything religious while he was growing up. He is from a small farming community in Dallas County, Alabama. He was raised in an abusive family with an alcoholic father who would beat him and his mother daily. Jackson escaped that life as soon as he was old enough to join the Army. He had been making plans to retire from the military to spend more time with his wife and family.  All that changed when he received a phone call from Major Barrett asking for his help.


Meet Gabriella Costa

Dr. Gabriella Teresa Smith-Costa serves as the associate director for Military Affairs at the CIA. She is a brilliant, Ivy-league educated, strong-willed woman on the fast track of advancing her career. She views the Church as a fantasy world of promises for a better life for people who believe in Jesus. Gabriella trusts in technologies and science versus hope and prayer. However, her skepticism is turned upside-down as the world is plunged into chaos after a cataclysmic event causes millions around the world to disappear in an instant. Now she must use the Omega Group to help find an answer for what she deep-down knows is happening and try to stop what she knows is coming next.


Meet Draven Cross

Draven Cross emerges amidst the confusion and havoc engulfing the world in the aftermath of this catastrophe. The bright, charismatic EU leader, has been preparing his entire life for this moment. Groomed by his spirit guide, “The Prince of the World,” he moves quickly to gain control of the planet with his promise of peace and order. However, the more Draven seemingly fulfills Bible prophecy, such as bringing peace to the Middle East and rebuilding the Temple, the more Christopher and his team are forced to suspect the horrifying truth behind this man’s intentions. Can the Omega Group prevent Cross and his vision of a New World Order from becoming a reality?