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Jocolby Phillips was born in Kermit, Texas. He's served his nation since he became an Army cadet at 18. Jocolby started his Army officer career in the conventional Army as a scout platoon leader at Fort Richardson, Alaska. Jocolby served as an Armor company commander within the 4th Infantry Divison and Ist Cavalry Division, with multiple tours to the Middle East. For the last 12 years, Jocolby has operated within the Intelligence and Special Operations communities in various international assignments.  

On a short assignment in South Korea, Jocolby began his Christian fiction writing journey, starting his writing brand Christian Warrior Fiction. The unique name of Christian Warrior Fiction reflects Jocolby's writing. It centers on three passions, his Christian faith, serving his nation in the Army, and expressing the heart of the Christian faith through powerful storytelling. 

Jocolby's novels promote Christian themes wrapped in exciting and drama-filled narratives. He is currently writing his author debut series: Rapture, a compelling saga that depicts a special operations team attempting to survive, defend the weak, and find God within the perilous last days of human history.


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