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Daniel: God's Social Influencer

(~ 5 min read) Good morning and happy Monday. In 2019 a Harris Poll/LEGO® survey of 3,000 8 to 12-year-olds in the U.K. and the U.S. found that the greatest future career aspiration was to be a YouTube star. The survey results sent cultural shockwaves through both countries, with many decrying a whole generation of young people lost.

Which brings me to today's thought. As I sat through Sunday service yesterday, listening to the story of Daniel, I realized through the pastor pointing it out that Daniel was an influencer. That's right, Daniel, who lived with tragedy and, within arguably one of the most Satanic kingdoms ever established on Earth, Babylon, led three different national revivals.

We know Daniel survived the lion's den and had brave friends who walked out of a fiery furnace, but we can easily miss that Daniel faithfully served in the heart of enemy territory. I have said, and perhaps you have too, that my small light of serving God matters little in such a big world full of darkness, but Daniel proves those thoughts are lies.

Daniel worked for a man and country who had killed people he loved, kidnapped him, robbed him of a family (he was likely castrated), and told him he could not worship his God; yet we see in Daniel 4:24-27 this man of God deliver God's judgment not with joy and happiness but with humility and wisdom.

So why do so many Christians act like God is not on the throne and in control when something happens to the world around us? Why do we rant, rave, and lose our ability to positively influence the world if the news or a "leader" stirs our emotions and stokes our fears if we believe God is in control?

Today's thought: "Jesus isn't into wiping out his enemies; he's into winning them over."

Closing: There is no greater time for the church, followers of God, to demonstrate who we are; Jesus said in John 13:34-35 we will be known by the way we love one another. God is in control of everything. Nothing surprises him in Washington, Moscow, Ukraine, and all points in between. We must be a light that draws people to the peace, joy, and eternal life Jesus offers. Let's start influencing the world to find Jesus by how we live.

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