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No Place Like Home

(~ 5 min read) Good morning and happy Monday. First, let me explain my unexpected absence over the past week. I have been pretty sick. Nothing concerning, but I was wiped out with a sinus infection. I still have a bit of a runny nose and cough, but I feel more like myself than what was the case the past week. So my apologies, but thank God I am here and ready to keep talking about HIM and HIS Kingdom, so let's dive into today's thought.

A father was riding in the car with his son and daughter, both adults now and back visiting him as they often did now that their mother had passed away. The family was heading back from a late afternoon stroll on a nearby beach when the man's son said, "Dad, today reminded me of the feeling I had so many times growing up that I could never explain."

"Oh, yeah, " the dad said.

"I felt at ease, comfortable, and I had no worries, only joy of being with you," the son said.

"I agree, Dad. I always missed home. You and Mom always shielded us from worries and provided for all our needs and most of our wants. Thank you," the daughter said.

The old man started to cry, saying, "There is nothing like being in your father's home. Now maybe you'll understand why sometimes, I mentioned my desire to join your mother in our father's house, in Heaven."

The trio smiled as the sun set on a beautiful day for them.

Today's thought: "The thought of being in a place where we experience joy, peace, and unconditional love should may everyone yearn to call Heaven home."

Closing: As I lay recovering this week from illness, I thought back on the moments of joy I found in my childhood home. I never worried about the stresses of life. I realize I was blessed to have such an experience in a loving Christ-reflecting environment, as many were not as fortunate. John 14:2, however, tells everyone that Jesus has gone to his father's house, Heaven, to prepare a place for all that accept him as their Lord and Savior. What a fantastic promise that no matter what you and I have faced, we can experience the joy and comfort of a loving home by accepting Jesus's offer of salvation paid through his death on the cross for our sins and resurrection as the King of Kings. I encourage you to accept Jesus' offer to come home and join the family perhaps you've always wanted.

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