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Would Today's World Question Jesus' Expertise On Life?

(~ 5 min read) Good morning. As a man sat at his airport gate, waiting to depart for a week of business, he overheard a conversation between two other gentlemen. A tall older gentleman explained some principles of space, a favorite social media topic of the businessman to follow.

"Excuse me, sir. I couldn't help hearing you explain to this young man why the sun is glowing, not burning. I felt the need to correct you," the businessman said.

The older gentleman nodded his head and said, "Please explain."

The businessman feeling proud, began explaining to the wide-eyed young man his thoughts, "You see, the sun is going through a chemical reaction of burning hydrogen, which means the sun is burning, not glowing," the man said.

"You're assessment of what our star named the sun is doing at this very moment is very wrong. Nuclear fusion at the core of the sun is occurring right now. Countless protons are smashing into each other releasing energy that after some time is released into space as the heat and light glow; we feel and see," the older man said.

"Wow, you must have slept through chemistry class way back when you were in school," the businessman chided.

"Sir, this man is NASA's leading astrophysicist and is on his way now to deliver a speech on the sun's behavior. I am his assistant," the young man said.

The businessman scoffed, "NASA, you guys barely got to the moon," the businessman said, returning to his seat.

Today's thought: "Once we accept that every day and every person offers the chance to teach us something we don't know. We are on the path to a life where God can use us."

Closing: In Luke 10:25-27, Jesus faced a challenge to his expertise. It is not new the rampant disease of overvaluing one's importance and knowledge over another person that fills our "screens" each day. The question for us is how we handle the vast amounts of knowledge flying at us. First, we should ask for discernment from God. Next, we should stand for truth as lovingly as Jesus did. Disagreement and standing for the truth are not excuses to dehumanize people because their sin or knowledge is different or less than yours.

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