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Earning the Title: Becoming a Kingdom Man

(~ 10 min read) Good morning. One of the new things I took from my time away this past month from the Lord is focusing on topics and series with a mix of what's been "normal" for this page regarding motivational posts and stories.

As I expand into serving more in my local church and beyond, I believe this is the next step for some things God is preparing for the Christian Warrior Fiction writing ministry.

Here's my first series: Earning the Title, Becoming a Kingdom Man

Day Zero: "Building A Foundation To Serve in God's Kingdom"

The term Kingdom Man is nothing new—a phrase made famous by the likes of Pastor Tony Evans and others. Kingdom man is a familiar term in Christian circles. But, from my perspective, it means much more than a Christianized label for men in the church. Jesus is the authoritative standard of being a Kingdom Man, which we will explore in the days ahead.

And if Jesus is the standard, all men in the church must ask ourselves, what more do I need to do to become a Kingdom man?

For now, understand that I view being a Kingdom man as a total commitment to living under Jesus's Lordship. It is a title to be earned and lived every day. I think of it in the same regard as my Army special operations experience with Rangers, Navy Seals, and Green Berets. When people hear such military titles, they have a sense of awe, respect for the journey to earn such a title and reverence. Well, let me tell you the good news, men. God has called us to be more elite than Seal Team 6 or Delta Force. We must start living in the power and authority Jesus gave us as Kingdom men.

Throughout the Bible, God uses titles to denote a purpose and destiny. When men lack the purpose and wisdom God offers, chaos follows. If you don't believe me, boil down major societal problems, and you will find a man leading the corruption. I am not man-bashing, but I speak the truth that men seek and are driven by power. We are being filled as men by God or Satan's power; it's your choice.

While the world idolizes men who seek wealth in any way possible, live morally bankrupt, and despise the truth as defined by the Bible. Adam was called by God in Genesis 2:15 to āḇaḏ (to serve) and šāmar (to guard); Kingdom men serve and guard what God provides to them. Think how different each family and community would be if men served and protected those around them from a Biblical perspective.

Preparing the foundation for being a man God can use:

In elite military training courses, there is a "day zero" at the start of training, which sets the tone for all that comes. Day zero breaks bad habits, shifts the mindset of soldiers from what is comfortable to what is needed, and weeds out the folks who don't have the mental toughness to endure their discomfort to ensure team success.

To earn the title of Kingdom man, we need to move forward with a heart focused on God and not living as a "double agent Christian man."

Double agent behaviors and habits that prevent being a Kingdom man:

1.) Addicted to Pornography: 68% of church-going men and over 50% of pastors view porn regularly. Of young Christian adults 18-24 years old, 76% actively search for porn. (source:

2.) Unresolved Anger and Trauma: "An angry man stirs up strife, and a furious man abounds in transgression" (read Proverbs 29:22)

3.) Prioritizing Work over God: No one can serve two masters; Matthew 6:24-26

4.) Lack of desire to engage (serving) your family and others: Jesus was always going to those in need and promoting the gospel. We cannot check out as men. The stakes are too high. (read Proverbs 13:4)

5.) Living Out of Fear Vs. Faith: Terrible decisions that impact generations come when we operate from fear. Remember Jesus words in Matthew 6:27-30

This may seem blunt for an early morning message, but the times are urgent. Moving forward, I will engage men to be all we can be in God. The root problem in society is men are not operating according to God's purpose for men, end of story.

Our families, friends, workplaces, and communities are being destroyed by the agents of Satan as "Christian men" watch from the sidelines. We need men to walk in the purpose, strength, and calling God has given us. We must decide to engage in the battle that the culture of the world, driven by our enemy Satan, wants to push to destroy lives for all eternity.

As men, we must stand not for the world's popular whims but for God's unchanging truth. Satan is playing for keeps. It is time for the church's men to start fighting for our Kingdom.

God bless, and I will see you tomorrow for Day 1 of this series, Earning the Title: Becoming a Kingdom Man.

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